~ Our Story ~

How We Met

His Story: I first met Pamela in an elevator at work…actually I don’t know if you can call it “meeting”. I said “Hi”, like any guy in an elevator with a cute girl would do. She was texting on her phone and didn’t even look up; I think I heard a “Hey”. Then she walked out when the doors opened. It kind of bothered me, so naturally I was interested in her. I saw her again in the ER and after about 6 or 7 times of being ignored, she acknowledged my presence. We became friends and this eventually led to more…

Her Story: We met, well became acquainted, six years ago when I worked in food service and he was a suffering through his first year at the hospital. I was on my way up the elevator with my patient’s food when this doctor got on the elevator with me and just started talking to me; except this was not the first time I had seen him around the hospital, and I have to admit, I thought he was pretty attractive (not saying that he is not now but you know…). Up until this point, most of the doctors at the hospital were indifferent to our presence and just did the routine ‘How is your day going?’ while walking the other direction. So I tried not to make eye contact to not seem like this strange food service person and he started with the ‘Hey’, ‘How is your day going?, but then realized that I was ignoring him as much as possible so he said, ’Oh, is it pretty busy today?’. Luckily at that point, the elevator had arrived to my floor and I was able to escape before I embarrassed myself. During this time, I was working on all of my tattoos so of course I was excited about them and strangely, so was he and after that awkward ride in the elevator, I started seeing him on my floor more often so I would show him the work in progress. When I transferred to the ER, we always ran into each other and joked around like I would any other person there. He always seemed to perk up a little and smile when I would come by and say hi to him in the ER but I think he was a little taken back by me when we would have conversations as compared to our first meeting.

Our First Date:

We’d been hanging out at bookstores, going to movies, and going out with mutual friends. We even played laser tag together with some friends. This is where she got a taste of my crazy mad skills and we both got a taste of each other’s competitive nature. But, our first “official” date was at Chez Liberty for Valentine’s Day. Good food, good wine, great conversation.

Our proposal:

We went on a weekend trip to a B & B in the mountains in August. It turned out to be the best weekend to go because we were the only couple there. The couple who owned the farm were so friendly and welcoming as if we were part of their family. We had a private dinner on the porch overlooking the creek that he had painstakingly planned. After a couple bottles of wine and 7 courses, he finally gathered the courage to ‘pop the question’. At first, he asked, ‘If you could change anything about our relationship, what would it be?’, she replied, ‘I am happy the way we are but it is a little annoying that people are more interested in us getting married than we are’. He then pulled out the box and set it on the table and said, ‘Well, I guess I can take this back then.’, surprised and excited she replied, ‘hmm, I have to at least see how you did first…’. He then realized he should do it the correct way and dropped down to one knee and asked if she would marry him. She simply replied, ‘Eh, I’ll think about it’. So here we are, almost six months later and happier than ever, just waiting to start the rest of our lives together.